Sunday, January 1, 2012


I have started off my New Year being inspired.

Today, I watched my little sister run a marathon.  It took her a little over 7 hours, she walked the last 8 or so miles, but damn it!, she did it.  She moved, in a forward motion, on her own two feet, for over 26 miles.  She didn't stop, she didn't give up, she just kept going.

I had originally promised to do the last 5K with her, running.  Well, my training got derailed due to illnesses and the holidays, and, as it turns out, she was walking the last of it.  BUT, I did walk with her the last 3-4 miles of it.  Her husband, my daughter and I went with her to cheer her on.  My aunt showed up while she was on her first 6 mile lap.  Each lap she finished we came out to cheer her on, help her restock her belt and see her back on her way.  Right after she started her last lap, a friend of ours said she was on her way to see her finish.  When K got there she went to see where R was on her lap, she was about 2 miles away from finishing the last lap, so K dropped me off on the route and I walked with her.  It was nice to have that time with her to talk, to help her along, keep her mind off of the pain I'm sure she was in.  Then after that lap she had to walk 1.15 miles out and back, well, my aunt, K and I walked with her.  DD was going to, but the winds had kicked up sooo bad, and gotten so cold R didn't want her to get sick.  But she was there with the sign she made for R, jumping up and down to greet her when she was done.

My sister has been an inspiration to me many times, the things she's gone through, the things she's over come, the things she's achieved.  I'm so glad I was there with her for this one.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to do a 5K this year, we'll see.  I'll walk it, if nothing else!

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