Friday, January 6, 2012

Long, but decent day

Stayed up way too late last night (12:30ish).  Totally worth it!  Master and I had GREAT play time, at least, I think we did!  I really enjoyed myself!  He was nice and rough with me, spanking, and biting!  It was yummy!  There were a few really stingy smacks on my ass that took my breath away a few times!

But, then there was today.  I got up at 6, made "Egg McMuffins" for DD and I, showered, got ready for work. I worked open to close (8:45-6:15), then came home, had a bowl of cereal, and ran a bunch of errands.

I got home about 9:30, ate Taco Bell (totally gave into the craving, also got a Coke, which I shouldn't have!)

Now I'm working on cleaning up the house, I need to shower, and I have to work again tomorrow.  I'm tired.

But, one thing I'm excited about, I'm going to make laundry soap tomorrow!

I follow Sephani's blog, where she mentioned another blog that has a laundry soap recipe.  I went to the store tonight and got enough to make 2 buckets of laundry soap, and, provided Master remembers to bring home some buckets from work, I am planning to make some this weekend!!!

So, I guess that's all, I'm super sleepy, and not looking forward to work tomorrow.  I can't wait to sleep in Sunday!

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