Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Submissive Blog Hop Challenge #1 | 25 Things

This month’s challenge: 25 Things About You and Your Submission
Since this is the introductory Blog Hop on Submissive Guide I want you to sort of introduce yourself and share some interesting things about yourself and your submission. You can choose to focus on anything you wish as long as you stay within the topic.

1) My Master and I have been married for almost 14 years.
2)We have been together for almost 17 years.
3) I was 19 when we first started dating.
4) Our marriage started out vanilla, we have only been working on the D/s, M/s aspects for about a year now.
5) I am 35, my Master is 48.
6) I am the one who brought up BDSM, he had never heard of it.
7) I was a SAHM for 11 years, and just started working again this July.
8) My Master works midnights, I work days, so we have a very limited amount of time together.
9) We have an 11 year old daughter with Autism.
10) I am a Girl Scout leader.
11) I am a huge fan of the horror genre, both books and movies.
12) I am doing my best to "teach" my Master what it is to be a Master.  (So to speak.)
13) He had me create my "alter ego" (Autumn Raine Skye), when I told him I wanted to reach out to other members of the BDSM community, online.  
14) We don't have nearly as many rules, protocol's or routines as I would like.... or THINK I would like.
15) I write my Master 2 emails every night before I go to bed.
16) Because of these emails, and my writing the occasional fantasy in them, my Master has discovered that, according to him, I am a very good writer.  Hearing that made me very happy.
17) I am a very shy person, and submissive in general, not just with my Master.
18) I would do anything to be a SAHM again.
19) I have recently discovered that I would like to play more with a belt.
20) I really enjoy spankings
21) I asked my Master if I could call him Master, and I'm still working on getting used to it.
22) My Master and I are working on changing aspects of our lives, including eating healthier and working out.
23) There are times I wish he was a bit more firm with me.
24) I sometimes feel I don't do all I should be doing for my Master
25) I love my Master and plan to spend the rest of my life with him.

If you enjoyed my list, check out this link where there is a list of all the other participants! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting healthy

Ok, really, I need to loose weight.  I need to get in shape, I need to eat better and work out more (or just work out, since I don't work out at all right now!)  So, with some encouragement from a fellow Fetlifer, I signed up for myfitnesspal.  Under the same username, Autumnraineskye.  If anyone wants to friend me there, feel free!

SO!  Tomorrow, I start drinking my water, eating more fruit, tracking my food, and exercise, and I will be squeezing in more exercise time.

I want to do this for many reasons, to be able to do more sexually, to look hotter, to feel better in general, to have more energy, to be able to wear cute clothes, and to be a good example for my daughter.  I'm guessing at my starting weight until I get a new (used) Wii, but I am shooting for 130.  I'm only 5'2" so 130 is ok.  Most sites say someone my height should be 120, but we'll see.

I'll be posting my weightloss ticker at the bottom of the blog.  I also plan to set aside some blogging time.  I need to get into some better habits, and that starts tomorrow!  For now, it's bedtime!