Sunday, February 24, 2013


I'm getting so down and frustrated, if it's not one thing, it's another.  Master has been out of work since June.  We got behind on the mortgage, we caught up.  We get behind on other bills, we are caught up.  Our most reliable car died.  Our other car is barely hanging on.  Dad and step mom loaned us money to get a "new car"  that broke down a week later, we fixed that.  Step mom is already asking for payments on the loan, we can barely pay our monthly bills as is, and we aren't paying any of our credit card debt.

Work sucks, one of my coworkers that I'm closest to transferred, but on a plus side, my direct boss got laid off (while she was on medical leave).  But, with her leaving, some of my co-workers, whom she let slide on a bunch of stuff, have developed really shitty attitudes, and basically are barely working now.  Leaving me and the other person behind the line to pull all the weight.

Master and I have both been struggling, all of this has caused me some serious bouts of depression, causing me to shut down at times, basically working, and sleeping.  Then I've been sick, the last couple weeks with a small head cold, not super bad, but bad enough to keep me from getting stuff done, and then, last night, when I'm finally feeling well enough, and time allowed, Master and I were going to have play time, I ended up with tummy issues.  Not sure if it's something I ate, or the beginning of the flu, but I was so upset.

I just want things to go good for a while, while things could always be worse, I would love to have a nice, happy, good streak.