Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am eagerly looking forward to tonight, and tomorrow.  I just hope I'm not setting myself up for any let down.

Master doesn't work tonight or tomorrow, and I don't work at all tomorrow, although I do have a meeting tomorrow evening.

And DD is back to school tomorrow.

Which means to me:


While tonight has lots of possibility, I'm so looking forward to tomorrow!  With the house to ourselves, there are so many more possibilities.  I can be as loud as I want.  If I want to suck Masters cock in the living room, while he watches tv, I can.  If Master wants to bend me over the dining room table and fuck me from behind, he can.  We can screw in every room of the house if we want, make any noises we want, try out anything we want, wear as much, or as little of whatever we want.

The possibilities are endless.....ahh the things that are running through my head!  Wax, whips, rope.  My hair being pulled to lead my head to a hard cock, being dragged (by my wrists, hair, ankles, whatever), into the bedroom to be fucked roughly.....on and on!

One of these nights I need to do some fantasy writing.

Here's to possibilities!

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