Saturday, January 28, 2012

Take my Uterus, please!

Ok, I hate my period for a number of reasons, the cramps, the mess, the various body aches and pains, the mood swings from the hormones, etc. etc.  BUT!  The thing I hate the most is it hinders sex.

Funny thing is, it's not Master that is funny about it, it's me.  I have an issue being touched below the waist (and sometimes, above the waist) when I'm on my period.  I feel icky and gross, dirty, all that, when I'm on my period.

I am soooo freaking horny tonight too!  I made sure Master came tonight though, I could have kept going with him for a while.  Funny how that works, my being horny makes we want to go all crazy like on him.

Anyway, I can't wait till the next time we can be together when I'm not on my period.

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