Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 2

Well, the first week of 2012 is coming to a close.  I managed to do my daily Bible reading every day (have to do today's still).  Some days I did the reading in the morning, some days, before bed.  I need to figure out which I prefer and stick to a certain time every day.

I have picked working out as close to every day as the thing to add this week.  DD is going back to Karate, so I'll be at the Y at least two days a week.  Mondays, unless there is no school, or I have the day off work, will probably be out, but the rest of the days, depending on what is going on, I SHOULD be able to make it.  I will just wing it for now, doing whatever I feel like/ have time for, and then, once this habit is set, I can work on what my actual routine will be, including, doing (finishing) a Couch to 5 K program!

I didn't make the laundry soap yet.  I got out of work late, we had church tonight, and then I putzed around all night, wasting time on Pintrest (I'm there under AutumnRaine) and tidying up the house a bit.  Plus, the buckets Master brought home for me, were pickle buckets, so they smelled like pickles.  I soaked them all in bleach water, to get rid of the smell.  So, tomorrow will be laundry soap, AND I found a recipe for fabric softener, with all stuff I have in the house!!!  So, I'm going to make that tomorrow too.

Well, Sex, Lies, and Videotapes is on, I'm off to watch it, and wish Master was home!

Night all!

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