Friday, January 27, 2012

Sucky day

I had a crappy crappy day.  I think it was compounded by my hormones (that wonderful time of the month), and my blood sugar being off.

It started off good enough, got to nap before work, didn't have to go in till 11.  Got up the courage to talk to D about applying for the Lead position.  And while he didn't totally shoot me down, he did warn me, that it's not often they will take someone one that has only been with the company 7 months, and is only part time, and move them up to a position like that.  The crappy thing is, I really just want a full time teller position, but they aren't giving us that in our branch.  So, I was bummed out because of that, then my blood sugar dropped, so I came home for lunch and cried.  I felt better by the time I went back to work.  Worked, started feeling bummed out again, and then I was out of balance.  I called DD to tell her that I was running late, and she tried to tell me all her awesome news for the day, and I had to cut her off, so I could get back to trying to balance.  I felt like such a crappy mom.  She's sitting at the Y, all by herself, and is excited about her good news, and I can't be there with her.  I am still not used to not being a SAHM, being there for her all the time, it sucks sometimes.

Anyway, I cried at work, turns out that another teller was off a similar amount, so we probably did something wrong together.  But it sucks, cause I was still out 20 dollars, and I'm trying to get promoted, so that doesn't help.

I ended up not working out, just picked up DD from the Y and we went to McDs together, then did grocery shopping.

Now I've got a headache.

On the bright side, DD made it into the talent show, AND, she is up for testing for yellow belt in a couple weeks!  And, Master, and I both have the whole weekend off.  (I don't have to work Monday either, so that's something!)

I am looking forward to going to bed and waking up with a better attitude tomorrow.  I still plan to apply for the Lead, but if I don't get it, whatever.

As long as I'm making Master happy, that's all I care about!

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