Thursday, January 12, 2012

I hate people

No really, some days I totally do.  I'm not a people person, I'm not outgoing at all.  I'm shy, and introverted.  I'm a "I'll do my thing and you do yours" kind of person.  Unless you are hurting someone else, then I tend to find the strength to step in.

I've had a crappy day.  This morning I was grumpy, I was tired, and I think my blood sugar was off, cause little things were getting to me.  I worked alone with N for a while, she gets on my nerves, so when she showed up with her daughter's cookie order form from Girl Scouts, I was irratated.   My daughter has been a scout for 6 years, I brought order forms to work a month or so ago.  Her daughter started LAST NIGHT.  I really don't care if we share orders, or hell, even if everyone orders from her, but because she already drives me batty, it just bothered me.  So there I am, grumpy as hell, and my boss D, comes up and starts his monthly (or so) speech about sales goals, pushing credit cards, and loans, blah blah blah.  There is something about when he starts talking about that stuff that makes me shut down.  I nod and uh-huh in the right places, but it's really going in one ear and out the other, and it's DEFINITLY not motivating me to sell shit to customers.

By the time J showed up I felt like crying, but she lifted my spirits a bit, and by the time I came back from lunch I felt much better.

We were slow, so I was working on GS stuff, and then we got slammed, things got crazy for a while, N spazzed out like she does when we get overloaded with stuff, and D was just his normal wanker self.

Honestly, I enjoy my work, other than the sales.  And what pisses me off the most is, they say, oh, we only want to sell the customer things that they NEED, that will help them.  But then they want us to pitch Credit cards to everyone.  They say, it's not about the sales, it's about the behavoirs of talking to the customer to find out how we can help them, but then they turn around and tell us we need to get 20 credit cards (the whole branch) a month.  To me, those are total mixed signals.

Anyway, there's also Girl Scout crap, but I'll save that for another day.

I had a wonderful night with Master last night.  Looking forward to Monday and Tuesday when we both have off, and I'm looking forward (but not as much) to going to visit my dad and his family Saturday and Sunday.  Just hope it doesn't snow too bad for the drive there and back!

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