Sunday, January 8, 2012


Had it all set in my mind that I was going to post about my experience making homemade laundry soap, and fabric softener.  But then I made the mistake of doing a few things.  One, is eating a bunch of crap today (and yesterday).  Two was watching Food, Inc.  It's a documentary about the food industry. It made me feel sick, and helpless, and frustrated.  It made me long to live back in the day where you grew and raised your own food.  The sad sad thing, it was only about 100 years go when we would have been able to do that.  While there are places that you can go to get food from, "regular" farms, that food does cost more, and at the time, we really don't have the funds to spend the extra money, and that's where the frustration and helplessness comes in.  It's like the government has got us stuck in a certain spot, and won't help us out.

Ah well, I won't really get into all that here.

Then I decided to do a work out video on Netflix, I chose a Yoga one, but, there was a section of inverted poses, and that made me feel sick too.  So, I showered, and took a couple Benadryl's, which have helped my stomach.  I plan to have a bowl of Special K and go to bed soon.  Thank goodness I can sleep in a bit tomorrow!

Maybe tomorrow I'll post about the good parts of the today.

BTW, lost 2 pounds this week!

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