Friday, January 20, 2012

Screw it

Well, I had typed a big long post, about how I'd like to live in different era's, and then a cat jumped on my computer, and erased it.

So, now I'm not in the mood.  Maybe another time.

Had a decent day, only worked 4 hours, had a bit of time at home, went to the Y, did day 3 of running, my calves feel like rocks, my legs are killing me.  We ran some errands, and now we are snuggled in the house, watching the snow come down.  Not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  Especially with the snow....ugh.

But, tomorrow Master is off, so once I get off tomorrow, we will have a nice afternoon, evening, and night together.

So anyway, I'm off to finish my chores, watch Little House on the Prairie, shower and get ready for bed.

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