Monday, January 9, 2012

It's the little things

I like to think of myself as a low maintenance  kind of girl.  I know I'm not as low maintenance as I like to think, but compared to many many girls, I'm easy peasy!  And honestly, while I like expensive things, especially geekery stuff, like laptops, video games, and other technology, I don't need lots of jewelry, make up, clothes, shoes, etc.  I have no problem shopping at Salvation Army for my clothes, and buying the no name brand products.

But little things can make me so happy.  Today, Master totally made my day by just doing a little thing.

I got out of work at 4:30, cause Master had to work tonight, and I had to pick up DD from Catechism.  I finished every thing, and walked out to the car.  Now, there are many ways Master can take to work, and one of those ways goes by my work.  AND he leaves for work about 4:30.  So, I thought to myself, I'll have to keep an eye out for him in case we pass each other on the road.  And as I hop into the car, there he is!  Much to my surprise he pulled into the parking lot.  I waved to him, and he pulled up next to me.  He waved to me to come into the car, and I hopped in the passengers seat.  He leaned over and kissed me, and told me he just wanted to say hi.  In that moment I fell in love with him all over again.  We didn't really get to see each other today, so seeing him, just for that brief moment, meant so much to me.  The fact that he thought to just stop and say hi, that he WANTED to stop, just for a moment, that meant so much to me.

The moment I knew he was the one, was on our first date.  I hadn't been the most innocent of girls by the time we dated.  So, I was used to guys....expecting...things.... on the first date.  Not him.  We went on our date, out to dinner, and he drove me home, gave me a kiss, and sent me on my way into the house.  I knew right then, I would marry him.  I still remember the way that made me felt.  And it's things like what he did today, that make me feel that same way all over again.  Gazing into his blue eyes, that were almost like a clear grey today, just make me melt.  I love him so much, and I'm so grateful, every day, that he chose me.

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