Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!!!

So, the year is almost over, there are only 3 and a half hours left in it.  And it's ending the same way it's been, not that great.

I have an eye infection, due to not taking out my contacts every night, make that, not taking out my contacts for months on end.  So, that has given me some issues.  My house is a wreck, I've half put away Christmas, laundry is backed up, I'm still on my period, blah blah blah.

But a new year is coming up, and I'm determined that even if the year isn't a great one, I will do my best to better myself in it.  I have (most of) my list of 52 things to do in 2012 up.  I have a few blank ones, but I'm sure I will come up with things to add to my list.  Either new habits, things I want to accomplish, or other things, in the upcoming year.  Each Saturday I will pick one to work on, starting tonight.

The first habit I plan to work on is reading the Bible daily.  I have bookmarks that list what to read each day, and if you do it daily, you can read through the Bible in a year.  This is something I've tried to do on and off for many years, and this year I'm going to do it!

There are many changes I'm going to make in the upcoming year, I'm excited about it.  I'm going to be a better me by the end of it!

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