Sunday, December 11, 2011

New rule, and some random thoughts

So, I requested new rules from my Master, and he decided that I should refocus on the ones I already have, as I've been slacking, but he did allow me to add that I need to blog every night.  So, today is the first night of that.

I am looking forward to the new year, I want to, and need to make some changes and plans.  One thing I'm excited about is that Master says we will be getting iPhones and iPads this year, wooohooo!!!  He says we will start with our tax returns, this will be one year I'll be doing taxes ASAP!  I am also hoping my extra hours keep up, cause then we should be able to buy them fairly quickly too!

I am debating on going back to head covering too, something that I've done in the past, but stopped doing.  I'm feeling the call to do that, and wear dresses more (maybe not full time, we'll see), but I need to talk to Master about his thoughts first.

Anyway, it's getting super late, and Master and I need to get up (fairly) early for CHRISTMAS shopping for DD!

Here's to blogging on a regular basis.

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