Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Submissive Blog Hop Challenge #3 Is Submission a Gift?

Is Submission a Gift?
Submission is often described as the most precious gift a submissive can offer a Dominant. Others don’t believe that submission is a gift at all. What is your opinion about this? Once you have an opinion, then consider the other opinion and talk about how they could or could not be right as well. How would you describe your submission to your Dominant?

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Is Submission a Gift?  My short answer, is yes.

My long answer is, it really depends, on who is submitting and who is being submitted to.

Even that's not really a long answer, here is my really long answer, and opinion.

MY submission is a gift.  I am a submissive person naturally, but I do not submit to ANYONE who does not treat me with respect.  Even if it's not sexual submission, or submission in the BDSM sense.  If you do not treat me with respect, I will not be a submissive person.
When it comes to sexual submission, or BDSM related submission, not only do you have to treat me with respect, but I have to feel your dominance.  I wouldn't be able to submit to someone who isn't a dominant person.  I'm too big of control freak, so I need someone really dominant to take control and take charge.
AND I have to trust you.  I am giving over control to you, giving you the reigns.  My submission to my Master is in ALL matters, and it's only because I can trust him, that I know he has my best interest, as well as his, and our whole family, in mind.  I have given him control over my life, and while many decisions he allows me to make, I know that if he doesn't think my decision is the best, he will say something.
To give control of your life to someone, you have to respect, and trust that person, and to be honest, both those things, having my respect and trust, is a gift as well, so why wouldn't my submission, which rests on those two things, be a gift.

For someone to be themselves, completely, around me.  To be able to let their guard down, relax and be themselves, around me, I consider that to be a gift to me, that they trust me enough to let me in.  And that is what I do as a submissive, I am myself, completely, to my Master. I give him my transparency, he knows me, inside and out, that is a gift, mine to give, and thankfully, his to take.  I like to think, that if I were a Domme, I would find it an honor when a submissive let me know them, inside and out.

I feel this isn't making much sense, but there it is.  I think submission is a gift.

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  1. I have never really thought about it in those terms, but I also can't submit to someone unless I feel their dominance.

    Thanks so much for Blog Hopping.

    - CoCo