Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Master

Today is 14 years that Master and I have been married.  We have been together for 16.  We have been together since I was 19.  Basically my whole adult life.  Almost half my life.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

My Master got the short end of the stick when we got together.  I was a messed up girl, from a messed up family, with a whole host of issues to deal with.

He has slowly helped me, possibly unknowingly, becoming the person I am today.  He is my life, other than our daughter, and I would do anything for him.  I want to help make him happy, I want to do so much for him.  To do for him, what he did for me, in short, I do believe, he saved me from myself.

I was on a bad road, doing stupid things, when I met him.  He said, from all he had heard about me, he didn't expect someone like me.  And I'm not surprised.  Thankfully, he got past the rumors, and agreed to go out with me, when I asked him out, in my round about way.  (Thank God for lemons, and whipped cream)

He was working in the kitchen and I asked him for whipped cream, he asked what I would give him in return, I told him I would love him forever.  Then later when I needed lemons, he said that since I'm already going to love him forever, what would I give him, and I said I would go out with him on a date.  Later I went up and we decided when would go out.

The first date was the clincher for me.  The fact that all he did was kiss me goodnight afterwards, and didn't try to take me home to fuck me.  I walked in the door and informed my sister that I was going to marry that man.

And I did.

He is the cheese to my macaroni, he is my rock, he is my sounding board, he is my lover and my best friend, he is my husband, he is my Master.  He is my one and only.

I love him so much,and I hope he knows that.

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