Friday, March 30, 2012


We did buy lotto tickets, 15 dollars worth in fact.  And while, realistically, I know we won't win, it is so fun, just for these next couple hours, to dream.

To think about what it would be like to have more money than you could ever possibly use.

I would pay off my debts, credit cards, house, medical bills, etc.  We would buy new cars, probably a new house, I would pay off all my family's debt too.  My dad, my mom, my grandma, my sisters, my brothers, I would make sure they had a clean slate, at least.

I'm sure we would invest, get money set aside to make sure DD was set for life, for if she wanted to go to school, whatever.

I would take care of my dearest friends too.  There's not that many of them, but I would do my best to help them out.  Especially my BFF.

Now for real dreams, and the selfish stuff.

I would buy real estate, I would love to own properties and rent them out.  I would love to have a big house, with lots of land around it to live on.  Maybe some horses.  I would buy an RV, so we could travel around the country, I would also probably hire staff, including a teacher, so we could do whatever we wanted year round, with out having to worry about school.

I would love to travel to Europe as well.

Another thing I would love to do, own a BDSM Bed and Breakfast, with dungeons.

There's lots more things, like buying a new laptop of each of us, with Sims 3 for me.  Getting a personal trainer and cook so I could get in shape, iPhones, clothes, spa days, lots and lots of fun stuff.

Not to mention, donating to things, like Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, HUB, and other things that, things that made a difference in my life.

The changes it could make are endless.

But again, these are just dreams, fun to think about.

But what I need to do is focus on my crafting, and my writing, with my writing, I may, some day, make some money.

Need to get to work on that.

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