Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Afternoon Delight

So, I got off work on time, and DD had an after school event to attend, SOOO!

Master and I got to squeeze in some play time.  It was nice, to come home, find him waiting in bed for me.  It was really nice, especially when I was rubbing his cock, teasing him, and he flipped me over on the bed and fucked me.  I love when he is forceful!  MMMM.

Then, I ate lunch, and Master and I watched the season finale of Walking Dead.  LOVE that show!!!

DD and I went to the Y, worked out, and then stopped to buy a little gift for Master.

Tomorrow is our 14th Wedding Anniversary, and while we weren't going to get anything for each other, his buckle on his good belt broke.  SO!  DD and I went and got him a belt buckle....a SPOCK belt buckle.  I really hope he likes it!  I am leaving it on his laptop so he can get it when he gets home!  I will probably get up to watch him open it.

I'll write more about Master and our anniversary tomorrow, since tomorrow is our anniversary.

I am going out with my sister for a while tomorrow, we are going to lunch, and she is taking me somewhere to get my birthday gift.  I have an idea of what it may be, but we will see.

Well, I should get going, going to finish picking up the house, have a snack, and start a playlist for this weekend, we are going on a road trip, so I'll need some tunes to drive to!

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