Sunday, March 16, 2014


Sundays are a good and bad day for me.

Good, because I can, usually, sleep as late as I want, not shower, and bum around the house, or clean, or do whatever I feel like doing.  Today I spent much of the day working on a scarf I sold, and watching tv.  I love Sundays like this, Master and I just hanging out in the living room, watching our shows, just being.  Kiddo drifts in and out, sometimes watching tv with us, sometimes playing her keyboard, or hanging out in her room.  It's a day to relax.

And then, in the evening, Master heads off to work, and that's when my day starts to go to the bad side.  Master starts work late on Sundays, so he leaves at 6:30, and I know the day is winding down.  Which means I have to look forward to a new week of work.  Which I hate.  So I get bummed out.  It's even worse when I had to work Saturday, like I did this weekend.  The Saturdays I work, kiddo and I also go to church in the evening, so I'm barely home, giving me, basically, a one day weekend.

I know, I'm lucky to have a job, especially one with decent hours, paid vacations, sick days, federal holidays off, etc, etc.  But I don't like it.  I could, but working for the type of company I work for, it goes against so much of what I like to believe I am.  I work for a fairly big corporation, which means I have to dress a certain way, act a certain way, etc, etc.  And it's getting worse and worse the longer I'm there.  They want to me to push product on people, which I hate.  And it doesn't help that I really don't like the people I work with.  There are only 6 of us there, and truly, I don't like most of them.

So, tomorrow I go for blood work.  I can't eat after 8:30 tonight.  Tomorrow should be fun.  I have low blood sugar issues, and issues with having blood drawn.  Master is taking me, since I have been known to pass out after having blood drawn, and will drive me to work when it's done, I'm hoping I won't be too useless at work, although at the same time, I would love to have a reason just to sit at my desk and do nothing all day.

I also need to look into a therapist, the Dr gave me a list of mental health places when I was there and suggested I call one, I may look into that at lunch time, we'll see.

Well, I'm going to watch more Firefly until bed time, take my pills and eat until 8:30.

Happy Full Moon!

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