Friday, March 14, 2014

Bottoms up!

Well, today started off very rocky.  I fell in the basement.  I had taken the hose that drains the water from the washing machine out of the wash tub last night, and forgot, and started a load of laundry.  Yea, the first cycle of water was all over the basement floor.  I went down the steps,and didn't see the water cause it was dark and I went flying as soon as my foot hit the floor.

Work was alright today.  I work with people I don't really like, and am liking them less and less the longer I work with them, but the day went by ok.  

I also got to go out with one of my two friends that are not family.  I don't have very many friends, and that's fine by me.  KA used to work with me, but moved to a different branch, so we mostly text, talk on the phone a bit after work, and email during work.  It was nice to get to see her.  I know she needs to get out more.  I need to invite her to come visit here, or to do things that she can do and bring her son.  But I know she needs time away from him too.  We didn't do much, went to one of those mom's night out things where there are a bunch of people from different home sales trying to sell stuff, or get you to do a show.  But as she told everyone, we don't have  Then we went and got dinner.

I am all alone tonight, which is good and bad.  I don't mind it much, I like being by myself sometimes, I tend to get a lot more done around the house.  Although that won't happen tonight, cause it's late and I'm sleepy and have to work in the morning.

The bummer thing is, my kiddo has been asked to a few sleep overs lately, and Master always works on the weekends.  So we can't take advantage of the kiddo being gone and have loud wild kinky sex all over the house.

I wish things could be different, but I need to learn to make the most of how they are.

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