Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Today was my birthday, and the first day in a long long while I felt truly happy.

Turns out, I was not supposed to be taking both my medications at the same time, so last night I just took the one, and this morning I took the other, and today was the first day since I started taking the medication that I didn't feel exhausted.  I woke up feeling well rested, and was able to function through the day.

Our branch got audited today, and while it's up to the whole team to be doing their job to get a good score, a lot of the organization and such falls to me, so when they ask for certain papers, I need to be able to find them, and I did.  Our branch got a 96.45 score, which I thought was pretty damn good.  Also, normally days like today I'm super stressed cause we have to be on our A game when the auditors are there, and it wasn't just our normal auditor, but her boss too, and I wasn't stressed at all!

I got to spend time with Master and Kiddo, we went to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner.  I got an awesome new speaker, that I can play music from my phone with, using blue tooth.  And, I get a "Shopping spree" at the local comic book store!  I can't wait, going to buy some Walking Dead, and see if there is anything else I might want.

I'm hoping that my mood today is a sign of good things, that between the medication and therapy (which I'm nervous about) I'll be happier and less stressed.

Next will be to work on my sex drive!

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