Saturday, February 25, 2012


What brings out your most powerful submissive/slave mindset? Is it a regular occurrence in your life or do you long for that submissive/slave feeling more often?
Share a time where you felt your most submissive.

Funny that this should be the topic, as it's currently something I'm struggling with right now.  I've been feeling lost and out of touch with my submissiveness, and I think a big part of it is not enough time with Master.

Times I've noticed that my mindset is more focused is when I'm able to be with him more, to serve him directly, instead of indirectly.  For example, bringing him a drink, as opposed to washing dishes.  I hope that makes as much sense to others as it does to me.  

There are also times during play that really bring it into focus for me.  Having my hair pulled, being spanked, and anal play are my three big triggers.  Give me a play session with any one, or a combo of those things, and I'm in a sub mindset for a few days at least.

Also anytime Master uses his dominance with me.  Be it placing an order for me when we are eating out, telling me directly to do something, or anytime he has given me a rule to follow.

I wish I could focus on being a submissive more, but, life gets in the way far too much for my liking, especially lately.  Master and I are still really green to all this too, so I'm hoping as we continue this journey I have more time to focus on serving him.  

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