Sunday, April 1, 2012


I need to find balance.  I need to be able to balance my work time and home time.  I need to find a balance for my emotions.  I need to find a balance between playing on line, crafting and doing my chores.  I need to find a balance for working on and eating healthy.

I feel like I hyper focus on one thing, and then everything else goes to shit, then I focus on whatever is falling apart, and the other things go by the wayside.

I want to be able to do it all, I need to find a way to do it.  To work, possibly full time, still keep up with the house work, start cooking more at home, and helping my family eat healthier, to work out on a regular basis, so I can become healthier, and fitter.

I am going to have to cut back on my online time.  I want to be able to craft more, build up a stash for when craft shows come around again, in the fall.

I also want to set aside time for writing daily.

Plus, we CAN'T forget family time and play time!

Now, to find a way to add more than 24 hours into a day!

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