Sunday, April 22, 2012

Looking forward

Ok, I'm not sure if it's that my PMS that lasted a month is gone, or that things are just looking up, but I am so hopeful for the future.

Master is agreeable to so much that I'm asking of him, he seems to be in a good mood lately too, despite work.
He is helping me work on my weight, slowly taking away bad foods, and adding good foods, or good habits.  He agreed to talking to me while I cum, which I asked him to do, because I want to see if I can be trained to cum on command.  He also agreed to let me play with myself, but not cum, to keep me always wanting, until he decides to let me cum.

We are working together to get the house in shape, and everything fixed and running the way it's supposed to, we got a few things done in the basement yesterday, I'm still working on getting it cleaned up, there will be a lot of work to do to get it organized, and one last thing that needs to be done will be cleaning the dryer vent.

I have an interview for a full time position in the company I work for.  It will be at a different location, but if I get full time, it means health insurance for our family, and a little extra money a month.  Which would be great!

Plus, with all the cleaning I've been doing, I am going to start posting things on Craigslist, Ebay, and with the crafting DD and I are doing, post things on Etsy.  Even if we don't make tons of money, every little bit counts.

AND!  Master has agreed to give me an allowance.  There are two things I will be saving for, not sure which to do first, and that's the 3rd book in the Shades of Grey series (although, from what I hear, I'm not going to like the direction it heads) and a cane.  I think I'll be alternating between books and toys.  But I really really want a cane.

I'm getting back on track with routines starting tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a busy, but good week.  And Master has tomorrow off, so PLAYTIME!!!!

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