Friday, April 20, 2012

Full time

So, today I applied for a full time position at another branch.

While I don't want to work at all, it's what I have to do for my family.  It will be more hours, which means, of course, more money, but most importantly, it means insurance I can afford.

Right now, at part time, basic insurance for my family would be around 400 dollars per check, which is about what I make on each check.  So, we would be back to where we were before I started working, not having enough money to live on.

So, going full time, it would go down to 200 a check, and I would be getting more hours, so I would have insurance, and a tiny bit more money than I'm bringing home now.

Another plus that will come from my working full time is routine.

I thrive on routine.  Knowing what's going to happen and when every day, that helps me keep on track, and on the ball.  I will also learn to prioritize better too, or at least I'd better.

The biggest downfall is less time with Master and DD.  But, we will make the most of what time we do have together, so that will be good.

On another note, Master is helping me with my weight loss now.  I'm going to weigh myself tomorrow, and will start then.

2 Days a week, doing weights at the Y, 2 days a week, doing cardio (walking or running) at home or at the Y.

I asked him for help with eating too, so I am to eat 1 fruit a day, and I am to cut out any chicken that is fried.  So no nuggets, fried chicken, chicken wings etc.  Just grilled chicken.

So far these steps sound easy.  I'm looking forward to being in better shape, and feeling sexier and healthier too!

Here's to new beginnings!

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