Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Today was a quiet, relaxing day, and what I needed.

I started off a little rough, dogs woke me up at 6:30 to go outside, I had a day off today, so I was bummed, but the problem started once they came back in.  I started freaking out about our finances.  Our washing machine died.  We have to buy a new one, we have some bills to pay, we are going on a small family trip that is going to cost money the end of this month, plus it's Easter, so we have to buy a few things for kiddo's Easter basket.  Then in May, aside from regular monthly bills, we have kiddo's birthday and comic con.  So I was freaking out, and couldn't go back to sleep.  Since Master was asleep, I sent him a text message listing off my thoughts, and that seemed to help, so I finally fell back asleep.

I woke up to get Master up at 8:30, and then went back to sleep till about 9:30

Kiddo and I chilled out, playing games on our phone and watching one of our shows, and then we met a friend of mine for lunch.

Kiddo and I ran a couple errands, and then came home.  I took a 2 hour nap, then got up and worked on my scarf some more.

Master came home with dinner, we ate, watched tv, and then I worked on my scarf some more, and Master is sleeping.

It was a wonderful day, and I wish I could have more like them.

Tomorrow, is a mixed bag.  The morning I have to go to meeting for work, and the last half I go back to my branch to do my desk work.  So, if I can make it through the meeting, I should be good.

I need to work on my resume, my therapist said I need to find a new job, so I am going to work on that.  She said, even if I don't get a new one right away, being proactive about it, should help me feel a little better, and that makes sense.  I'm looking forward to seeing her on Tuesday.

I like feeling good.  Just a week and a half and I'm on a mini vacation.  Looking forward to it.

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