Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Much better

So, after my visit with a therapist on Thursday, I did not feel good about how it went.  I didn't feel comfortable with him, there were things I wouldn't be able to tell him, and I didn't like his reaction when I told him about my job.

I asked a friend for advice on finding a therapist.  She suggested that I  do a search on line, using key words of what I was looking for, and then look at the pictures, she said a lot of times you can get a feeling based off of their photos.

So, I did a search, and found a page that listed local therapists, and I came across the therapist I saw about 14 years ago.  I contacted her, and I had my first appt tonight.

It was a world of difference, I walked out feeling so much better, and hopeful.

I go back next week, and I'm looking forward to it.  So glad I switched!

I have tomorrow off, and I'm really hoping it's like last night.

Master and I managed to get in some private time, and it was outstanding, I'm really hoping we get to do that again.

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