Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another week

So, here I sit, ready to begin another week.

I can not wait for the end of the school year, to have a little more free time.

Tomorrow is the last night of scouts.  Tuesday I get to go with DD to orientation for Middle School.  It seems like almost every night there is something going on.

But the funny thing is, I'll be ready for it all to start again come September.

Master has tomorrow off, I'm hoping he feels well enough to play tomorrow night.  He's been sick, and Friday and Saturday he was pretty bad off.  He slept most of the time from 10pm Friday night until 5 pm Saturday.  He seemed in better spirits today, so I'm hoping he keeps getting better.

So, here's to another week, planning to keep calm, do my best, and try to stay on top of things.

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