Thursday, August 4, 2011


I just can't seem to catch up, part of it is because I'm a slacker, and a big part of it is getting used to being back in the work force.  I think a big difference will come when DD starts back to school in a month.  I'll have to get up at 6am, Mon-Fri, so my schedule won't be all over the place.  The days I won't be working till later, I can get stuff done around the house while Master sleeps, and the days I do work earlier, I will be up in time to get ready.

Master is on a softball team with his friends.  Their first game was last night, and Master hurt himself.  Pulled a hamstring. Which is bad, but there are two things I've found out from this experience.  Firstly, watching Master play, especially when pitching, totally turned me on.  Second, I have reinforced that I enjoy helping Master.  I was looking in the closet for something to help with the pain, Bengay, Icy Hot, etc.  Found something called absorbin Jr. and I put it on him.  So far it really seems to help!  It says it can be used 4 times a day, so I'm going to do my best to apply it every 6 hours to help him.  I hate when he is hurt and there is nothing I can do, so to have been able to help with something, that made me feel great.

We managed to have some quality time together last night.  It was very intense, and I was super horny, even after I had an orgasm.  I'm hoping we get a chance to fool around tonight, but he is sleeping now, after some very long days, so I'm not sure.  I should be getting things done and ready, we are going camping overnight with some friends Friday night (yet another reason I hope we fool around tonight, since we won't be able to Friday) but I'm super tired.  I may go to bed myself.  But first I'm going to post my rules, and my cleaning schedule that I'm supposed to follow.

Here's to a great weekend (and 4 days off after tomorrow!)

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