Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pennies from Heaven

So, I was in a good little slave mood, and doing housework today.  After Master left for work, and I got the main floor of the house all cleaned up, I went to vacuum.  I did our bedroom and noticed the vacuum was letting off a burning smell.  I figured it was because the bag was full.  I was right, so I emptied the bag and headed to the basement to see if there was a new one.  I went to the pantry, and found the little box where they had been before.  As I was pulling it out, I remember taking the bags out of the box, but I checked it anyway.  Sure enough, I found our Hannukah and Advent candles in the box.

As I went to put the box back, I noticed that the shelf liner had moved, and there was paper under it.  I grabbed, it and realized it was a bank envelope.  My hands shaking, I opened it, and found a bunch of twenties inside.  On a whim I check under the rest of the liner, and found 4 more envelopes.

My mother in law must have stashed them there at some point.

We live in my Master's childhood home.  When his parents passed away (his father over 8 years ago, his mother, just a little over 7) we inherited and moved into the home.

Anyway, his parents always took care of us, they bought us a deep freezer when we got married, along with a monetary gift, they bought us a car once, although, that was supposed to be a loan, but any time we tried to pay them back they wouldn't take it, things like that.  And now, when times are tough, and we barely have enough money to buy bread and milk, she sends us this.  I know she is looking out for us from above.  And it's appreciated!

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