Saturday, December 27, 2014

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In the year 2015 I will be making changes

I do not like where I am right now, and I am ready to start making changes in my life.

One of the big things I'm doing is I'm taking a class to become a medium.  To learn to read auras, tarot, to infuse things with intentions, to use my third eye to help others.

I plan to find what path I'm going to follow.  I had started a class to learn about paganism, but due to many things happening all at once, I had to quit.  I will be doing it again this summer.

Starting next week I'm taking a Divination class online.

I need to work on my relationship with hubby, it's not bad, just not as good as it could be.

And I need to focus on my health.  I have some major health issues going on. And that needs to be worked on.

I plan to blog often again, to try to sort out my feelings and thoughts.  One of the many good habits I intend to start in the new year.  But before the new year comes, I need to do my best to get my house clean and Christmas put away.  If only my back and head will stop hurting enough to allow it.

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